The case of wanderlust

Athens, Cape Town, Lisbon, Galapagos Islands…the list is never ending as to where a flight can take you!

But where to go first? Amongst the beauty of summer, comes potential travel decisions and arrangements for the glorious time away from the office we know as vacation.

To help with the potentially stressful decision making process for such “hot spots”, Trip Advisor’s annual  Travelers’ Choice is a wonderful guide to make it a little easier. Based on ratings from travelers, the list trickles down to just 25 locations.

Ok, so you’ve picked the location.

Now, on to the other conundrum….what do you pack?!  

Sure, stuffing one’s entire closet into a single suitcase is probably not the most realistic option, although the most ideal. It may seem like a mission, but the most important thing is to remember the absolute essentials! With the summer months, we surely suggest bringing a pair of your favorite Bloxsun scarf and Sunglove, as well as a handy bottle of sunscreen lotion. Maxi dresses, paired with a sunhat, sunscarf, and strappy sandals makes a great and comfortable outfit for most travel destinations. Have you heard that “orange is the new black”? A dash of color maximizes the essence of summer!

Regardless of the miles you may find yourself away from home, vacation is a time to detox, relax, and smell the roses. Not going out of the country or out of town? No worries! You’d be surprised at where a new adventure will lead you, even if it may be just around the corner. Go out there and find it!

For a link to Bloxsun products & Trip Advisor’s lis, click below:


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