Once Upon A Time…

Ever wonder how it all began? Well, late one night, on a stormy night….no, actually, it began like this:

Bloxsun was founded in 2011 as a sun protective accessories brand for women looking for a discrete and luxurious way to cover up from the harmful rays of the sun. After having laser treatment on her hands to remove sun spots, founder Inslee Copeland had a difficult time finding fingerless gloves to wear during the delicate and sensitive healing time.  Living in Miami, Florida, the sun bares down in a brutal fashion all day – and the hands are not spared. Combined with the congested roads and highways infamous to Miami, sun exposure during long commutes on the hands is unavoidable. Copeland realized that there was a need for gloves catered to this situation and circumstance. Many gloves on the market were available to protect from the sun however, they were targeted to customers for use in more athletic endeavors such as bike riding, mountain climbing and fishing. Never subtle and often lacking in style and appeal, these gloves often had zero appeal to Bloxsun’s target market.

The resulting patented Bloxsun Sun Gloves, are made of a UPF 50+ stretch nylon blend noted for their comfort and soft hand and come in a nude, flesh tone color for discretion. The gloves are fingerless and come up to the nail bed for maximum skin coverage on each finger. Fabric used to make Bloxsun products has been tested and rated UPF 50+, the highest level of sun protection available.  Popular with dermatologist, the gloves are a must for those who are sun cautious.

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