Get Naked and Perform a Full Body Exam

Before we bid adieu to May, we want to stress the importance of checking yourself fully by doing a self skin check. Go #getnaked, as the Melanoma Research Foundation strongly advocates. The #getnaked campaign was launched this month to promote self inspection of one’s skin. Luckily for us, detection is simple- check all parts of your body for any abnormal spots. By all parts, we mean a thorough look of your ENTIRE body- even places you would not think of. Did you find anything in the skin between toes, the soles of your feet, and your eyes? Yes, you read right, the very eyes you use to view the beautiful world around you (and read lovely articles like this) are at risk for cancer too. 

The statistics are staggering- 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma in their lifetime. However, unlike any other form of cancer, it can be readily visible, as it grows on the exterior of the skin. All skin types and genders are a potential target. As our #15 daily Sun Protection Tips states, “twice as many men died from melanoma than women in 2009.” Yikes!! Ladies, spread the word to your male friends, husbands, children, and co-workers so that all of us can practice sun safe protection!

Click the links below for more information, the full infographic, and Bloxsun’s sun protection tips for Melanoma Awareness Month:

1. Infographic-

2. Ocular Melanoma-

3. #getnaked-

4. #1adayinMay #Bloxsuntip on Twitter and Instagram for the complete list of our Melanoma Awareness Month sun protection tips.

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