Colleges with Tanning Beds on Campus

colleges with tanning beds on campus

colleges with tanning beds on campus

Did you know? Where you even aware that there are colleges out there that have actual tanning salons or beds on campus?

According to a report on JAMA Dermatology, of the top 125 Universities and Colleges ranked, “12 percent of the schools it surveyed have indoor tanning salons or beds available on campus — with Midwestern schools having the highest prevalence — 26.9 percent. Southern colleges have the highest prevalence of indoor tanning available in off-campus housing facilities — 67.6 percent. Public universities had more access to tanning, both on-campus and off: 16.2 percent of the public schools had on-campus tanning and 64.5 percent had off-campus housing tanning, while 7.9 percent of private schools had on-campus tanning and 20.6 percent had off-campus housing tanning.”

No, no, no. Just not right.

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