Celebrate the Summer Holiday

Well Bloxsun beauties, are you ready for the holiday weekend?

What’s that? Are you scratching your head, trying to recall a national holiday or festivity that has completely slipped your mind? Don’t worry, no need to jump in the car to buy bbq essentials, apple pie, and an assortment of conveniently packaged loud bits of magic we refer to as fireworks. The red, white, and blue patriotism can be placed on hold for another month. Until then, let’s focus on what’s about to occur in the next 24 hours. Still scratching? Hint: lush beaches, breezy winds, and innumerable days to enjoy lunch al fresco. Ahh, the wondrous season of Summer is now in session!

Perhaps the most uncelebrated unholiday (that-really-should-be-a-holiday), the arrival of the Summer Solstice falls exactly on June 21 at 6:51 AM. Not an early bird? That’s alright, we guarantee you’ll be able to notice the rays, as it marks the day with the most hours of sunlight during the whole year. If you happen to reside anywhere other than Miami and enjoy the heat, tomorrow will bring a smile on your face as a day to embrace the new season! Shake those long months from the Polar Vortex behind, as you can officially relax, wear sandals, and strut in that polka dot bikini that has been hibernating for months.

With all the vacation memories you’ll have in store for the next 2 months, just remember now is the time to be extra vigilant and protect your skin! Don’t want to be crispy in all those family photos, now do you? Dabbing SPF sunscreen, wearing your Bloxsun Sun Scarf around your shoulders, and slipping on our fabulous Sun Glove will keep you covered!

Rise and shine, for tomorrow brings warmth and light- literally speaking.



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